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Please understand that when you reserve a spot for Sample Saturday, we specifically make each client cake samples and plan our staffing based on your requests. If you are a NO SHOW, you took a spot from another bride and our cake samples are wasted. We provide this service, at no cost, to make it easier on people to become more familiar with the cake process. No other bakery in DFW offers this kind of service or opportunity.  We understand that things can come up, but please let us know by Friday if you cannot attend Saturday.  To CANCEL or RESCHEUDLE please contact us at or TEXT Leia at 214-335-4444.  TEXT ONLY PLEASE.

This tasting time and cake samples are ONLY for bonafide brides who are in the planning stages with a date and reception venue set. If you have your venue, date and are seriously planning your wedding reception, we would love to have you in our office to taste and browse. 
1.  Please only sign up for Sample Saturdays if you are SURE you are ready and you WILL ATTEND.
2.  Have you looked at the money saving coupons and read the information to help prepare for the meeting?
3.  Have you visited other bakeries, before us, to compare.  Some coupons are only good at the INITIAL, (1st) consultation.
4.  Are you ready to put down a deposit and reserve your date because you are gonna taste the best cakes ever!  Plus if you    
     come to a consultation and reserve your date you can save 10% right off the top for booking THAT DAY!  (coupons)
5.  If you have any questions please read BELOW.......Sample Saturdays FAQ....and feel free to email us with any        
     questions.  (Also, Text only: 214-280-9066 Chad and 214-335-4444  Leia    TEXT ONLY PLEASE!)
6.  Follow the steps below to secure your wedding cake consultation.  4 Steps to tasting amazing cakes!!!

Please do not book a consultation/Sample Saturday unless a venue has been secured.  It is important because many times dates can change based on the venue.  We would hate to have a consultation and then the date not be available on our calendar.

Plus please be aware that some VENUES are NOT vendor friendly and we DO NOT deliver to every VENUE in DFW.  Some Venues are difficult to deal with and charge extra fees for cake vendors.  Therefore, you must have your venue selected before the cake consultation.  

1.  What are Sample Saturdays?
Sample Saturdays are an event where brides who are planning their wedding can visit our shop, browse, ask questions and taste complimentary cake samples.   Don't be confused it is realy simple!  We recommend coming to Sample Saturday AFTER you have been to other tastings.  Save the best for last!

2.  Who are Sample Saturdays for?  Sample Saturdays are any couple or family wanting wedding cakes or Large event cakes such as quinceanera's, anniversaries and coporate events and birthdays.

3.  How do I sign up for Sample Saturday?
The only way to sign up for Sample Saturday is by completing the form above.   Unfortunately, we CANNOT accept any requests by phone.  We schedule all information online with our Google Calendar/Scheduler.  Please fill out the information below and we will contact you with a confirmation.  Sample Saturdays is one of the easiest parts about planning your wedding!  Enjoy!

4.  Sweet Inspiration Packages - If you are interested in one of our AAAHHHMAZING packages, reserve your date today!  You will taste the best cake in DFW at the Sample Saturday Session and we can get a contract all set up for you!  If you would like to take the contract home to problem!  You can send it in later!  Bottom line...  we make it easy for you to get the best cakes in DFW!  

5.  Custom Wedding Cakes - If you have specific cakes in mind.... for example...cakes from pictures or magazines perhaps you have wanted a certain cake for a long time, SAMPLES SATURDAYS IS JUST FOR YOU  During Sample Saturdays, you will have a custom wedding cake consultation, we actually take the time to draw up your exact creation and we painstakingly go through all of the options so that you can get the EXACT cake you are wanting. 

6.  Where are the Sample Saturdays located?  We might think "DUNCANVILLE?"  But believe us...  it is soooo worth the drive.  We are only 20 minutes outside of Downtown Dallas and 25 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth!   The Cake Guys....when only the best will do!

7.  When are Sample Saturdays scheduled?
All dates listed below from 9:30am - 5:00pm. Coincidentally, all dates fall on a Saturday.  Each client MUST sign up for a specific time slot so that we can prepare staff and the correct amount of samples.

8.  Is it a private consultation?
YES!   You will have over an hour to sample and meet with an associate, after that you are welcome to browse and ask other questions, but the first 60 minutes are designed as a personal information session just for you!

9.  Can we sign our contract during Sample Saturday?
Yes! IN FACT WE ENCOURAGE IT!   You can save 10% by signing during your initial consultation.  Be sure to print out or save on our smart phone any special offers from our  COUPON PAGE

10.  How many people can I bring?
Please limit yourself to 3-4 other people and please no children. Be mindful that other brides will be tasting and browsing. As far as children, we do prefer no children, however we want your family to feel welcome.  If you bring kids, the MUST be cared for and be watched at all times. 

11: Do we have to attend a Sample Saturday to book a consultation?
No, we want to offer an opportunity for brides visit our shop, see our display, meet associates and a chance to taste great cake!  If you want to sign a contract without meeting we offer this and our out of town brides do this often.  Our reputation will relieve any worries!

12.  Which flavors of cake will be offered?
We offer our most popular flavors at consultations:  
Our delicious:
 Classic White Bride's CakeClassic White Bride's Cake 
Classic White Bride's Cake with Amaretto Cream Filling
Classic White Bride's Cake with Strawberry Cream Filling
Classic White Bride's Cake with Tres Leches (Caramel) Cream Filling
Classic White Bride's Cake with Lemon Cream Filling
Classic White Bride's Cake with Raspberry Fruit Filling
Chocolatey and Moist Double Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream/Cream Cheese Icing
Double Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream/Cream Cheese Icing and Chocolate Ganache (Deep Choc Cream)
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Other flavors are available after the contract has been confirmed and signed.  We will be happy to  parepare any flavor for you once we know you have joined us and we are your cake vendor.
Pleae keep in is not imperative for you to choose your cake flavors at the time of the consultation.... use the consultation as a way to verify or confirm our extraordinary baking skills.  Once you see for yourself how good our cakes are, it will ut your mind at ease and we can plan other details when appropriate.

13.  Is there a fee?
No, Sample Saturdays are complimentary for our wonderful brides and grooms!  Since it is complimentary, PLEASE remember, we prepare samples just for you.  We do not have samples or cake ready at all times.  These samples are prepared just for you!

14.  Do I need a reservation?
Yes, this is very important. Each bride must fill out and submit the form above so we will know how many to serve. We need to know no later than the Friday before you would like to attend.  You MUST select a specific time and date.   We beg you … please keep your appointment or if you are not sure, please only book when you are completely positive you can attend.  Every session is generally filled and when a bride is a no show it takes a spot of someone whom probably wanted that time slot.

15.  Can I come to Sample Saturday if we want cupcakes for our weddings? 
 Unfortunately, no.    We no longer do any kind of cupcakes.  

16.  I can't come to a Saturday Consultation, is there another day that I can schedule?     YES and NO....
Chad (the owner) will meet with any bride on a Sunday, Monday evening, Tuesday evening or Wednesday evening IF
you already KNOW you will be signing your contract with THE CAKE GUYS.    Some ask, how do we know if we are meeting for the first time and have not tasted cakes yet?  Our repurtation is STELLAR.  We are the #1 reviewed bakery in the country on Wedding Wire (  Plus we have a ton of clients that we have done each of their children's cakes as well as other familiy and friends.  Many people want to skip all of the "information" because they have already gone through it and are extremely comfortable with our work.
We can not stress enough....
If you need more info about Sample Saturdays please read below!
Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1:  Deciding what you want and researching your needs
Each couple must decide if they want to go with either a wedding cake package or custom wedding cakes.
  Why?  Custom cake consultations must be lead by a well trained cake designer/artist.  Custom consultants are creative and much more knowledgeable.   If you are interested in custom work, we must assign  a specialist to suit your needs.
 Sweet Inspiration Wedding Cake Packages              or                    Custom Wedding Cakes
Packages are a simple and quick set of predesigned cakes that are less expensive.  They save us time and saving us time saves you money.   We have choosen 16 of our most popular bridal cakes and 8 of our most popular groom's cakes.  See more information here.
Custom cakes are cakes that you have researched and have pictures for us to replicate.  Perhaps you have 3 or 4 designs that you want to combine with your personal twist.  These are the magnificent cakes that screams your style, theme or sophistication!
Step 2:  Location of Consultation
All cake consultations/tastings are done if our award winning showroom in DUNCANVILLE.  Duncanville is an amazing small community in between Dallas and Fort Worth, right off of Interstate 20.  We guarantee you will see the MOST cake displays of any cake company in DFW. There are over 50 designs available to look at and see in person.  It literally is a Wedding Cake Wonderland!
Your wedding is one of the most important times in your life.  Driving 20 miles out of the way is an extremely small price to pay for what you get.... the best tasting cakes in DFW and we are the most reviewed cake company in the COUNTRY!!!  Almost 800 amazing reviews here.
We truly are worth the time and drive.  The Cake Guys.....when only the BEST will do!
Step 3:  Are we available on your date?
Step 4:  Sign Up Here!
Before submitting information, please check our  calendar for availability.  If it appears that we are not available we encourage to ask us if anything has become open recently.  We are limiting our Friday and Sunday weddings because they are so time constraining and hard on our family.  Please ask if you have a question.  Email:   
Most consultations are on Saturdays only, however from time to time we can accommodate a consultation during the week or on a Sunday.  If you need consultation during the week or on a Sunday please provide that information in the box below.  Please be detailed.
I have read all of the information and will be prepared for a WONDERFUL tasting!