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On this page we attempt to help brides by providing very helpful information.  Whether you use us for your cakes or choose another bakery, please take the time to read this information and become familiar with the information below.  We offer this information as a way to show transparency in the industry and hopefully gain your trust because your wedding isn't just another event.... it is one of the most important, emotional, happiest and life changing moments in your life.  

Use this as a guide and please make a note of any questions.  We are the ONLY bakery in DFW to offer an open house EVERY Saturday, and we can answer any questions and point you in the right direction.  

■ 1. Research – Saves You Time and Money!

Browse magazines, books and websites to find your wedding cake preferences. Save pictures and jot down ideas that appeal to your tastes. Then, before sampling cake flavors from potential bakeries, prepare a list of cake flavors that compliment your reception décor and your wedding scheme.

■ 2. Set Budget

While researching, compare wedding cake pricing lists in your area. Call bakeries and visit websites to find out how different shops charge, whether per serving or by design, how their price structures are setup

■ 3. Groom’s Cake. To Be or Not To Be.

Should you have a Groom’s cake or not? First, decide if there will be a groom’s cake. If so, will it have a theme or just a nice flavored cake for guests?

■ 4. Before You Submit a Request for a Consultation

Do not set up a cake consultation until you have researched cake information and narrowed down your favorite styles. Otherwise, you may become frustrated by the number of options. It is very overwhelming if you are not prepared.

15 Tips For Choosing Your Baker

When you interview potential bakers, there are certain elements that should be addressed. Ideally, you should be able to see pictures of previous cakes, a resume of experience and client references, but those pieces are not most crucial, as a distrustful vendor can forge these aspects. Vendors will never show you a negative review. You can learn a lot more at a cake tasting about your baker than how the cake tastes. Below are some tips to make your baker selection a lot easier.

■ 1. Reviews and Recommendations

Nothing speaks for itself more than customer’s reviews from those who have experienced the entire process. Check out our reviews on Wedding Wire at

■ 2. Awards and Accolades

When companies win recognition by surpassing a set of expectations in their competitive field, it is an indication of hard work, a dedication to quality and a passion to set industry standards. Recognition also is a great indication that the company is keeping pace within its respective industry. We are very proud of our awards and work hard to compete in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas.  We are one of the few bakeries in DFW that are recognized nationally and continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

■ 3. Price

The number one question on any bride’s mind – price. Make sure to examine what you are getting with your order, not just the “cost per serving.” Inquire about the number of tiers, fake cakes (known as faux cakes), cake and icing flavor, décor and design. Each of these elements should be accounted for in your cake bid. Keep in mind that the average price per cake slice in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex is about $5.55 per serving for bridal cake (nine top bakeries’ base prices). Also, remember that the price should not be the bottom line, because there are ways to cut costs and still get the baker you want. Find out which extra items are included and determine if those items are a priority for your wedding cake.  WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T LET PRICE BE THE ONLY DETERMINING FACTOR FOR YOUR CAKE VENDOR CHOICE.  REMEMBER, “GOOD CAKE AIN’T CHEAP, AND CHEAP CAKE AIN’T GOOD!”

■ 4. Taste

Most bakers do, and should, offer free cake tastings. We suggest if you do not enjoy taste of the cake, immediately cross that bakery off your list without regard to the deal. Remember, the cake is for your guests and it is a center point of all receptions. How many times have you heard, “it sure was pretty, but tasted horrible”? Do not let that be part of your guests’ experience at your wedding.

■ 5. Cake Servings

How much cake do you really need? Some bakers will try to oversell the amount of cake necessary. Consider your guests’ appetites, if you are serving a full dinner and / or alcohol, as well. A very good rule of thumb is one piece of cake for each guest between the bridal and groom’s cake, if you choose to have a groom’s cake. For example: If you expect 200 guests and each guest receives a single slice, then the bridal cake can account for 140 slices and 60-70 slices of the groom’s cake. But always make sure you are comfortable with the amount of cake and the budget. Some brides do not mind having leftover cake, but it can save a significant amount of money to consider how much cake is needed.

■ 6. To Faux or not to Faux

Fake (Faux) Cakes, are necessary in most instances. Fake cakes offer the opportunity to have a larger cake without spending extra money on excess cake portions. Fake cakes are very cost effective; however, some bakers’ fakes are almost as expensive as real cakes. We use fakes not just on the bottom tier, but throughout.Your cake can have a fake second tier and bottom tier if it helps youaccommodate your guests. More importantly, it helps you get a larger cake with less wallet!

■ 7. Organization is Key

Was the baker on time, friendly, organized, efficient? Your baker should provide you with a drawing/sketching of your cake design – as well as your cake details and pricing information in the form of a written contract. This is essential in keeping everyone involved on the same page, with the same expectations. A baker should be precise. A consultation with a professional should take approximately 35-45 minutes. But please keep in mind, organization works both ways. The best consultation occurs when both the bride and the baker are organized and the bride has a good understanding of what she really likes. Pre-Research is the key for a great consultation! It helps us help you!

■ 8. Sanitation

Most bakeries book multiple weddings each weekend. Make sure to inquire about their kitchen, appliances, equipment and resources to ensure that your cake will be completed in a clean and sanitized environment that complies with industry standard sanitization requirements. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with a ‘home-based baker!” We did it for 15 years and very proud of it, however reputable bakers are generally more equipped with the tools that allow a broader selection and generally have vast resources at their disposal.

■ 9. Visual Appeal

“When guests come into your reception…the FIRST thing they see or go to is the cake!” Does the cake design, color, attention to detail and over all presence leave you speechless? It should. When you walked into the bakery showroom…was it a “wow” experience….?

■ 10. Delivery

Make sure to ask….. WHO does deliveries and what kind of vehicle. A refrigerated van or truck is a must in this DFW weather, especially in the spring and summer, early fall. We are very blessed to have the resources, and customers to acquire multiple delivery vans!  Most bakeries have regular vans, but you can rest assured when your cakes are delivered in a refrigerated vehicle! Keep in mind that each reputable baker has a delivery fee. The standard fee is anywhere from $50 – $100. It is better safe than sorry and a reputable baker will make sure that your cake arrives safely. The Cake Guys are available to deliver throughout the metroplex. Because we have a refrigerated van and an insulated fleet of vehicles, your cake delivery is extremely safe. Distance is not a problem, so please don’t hesitate to include us in as one of your wedding vendors!

■ 11. First Impressions

After your consultation, do you walk away feeling confident in the baker’s presentation? Did he or she listen to all of your ideas, questions and concerns? Was everything addressed thoroughly and to your expectations? You should be able to walk away with the peace of mind that this particular baker is worth your investment, knowing that he or she will be able to produce the cake of your dreams while maintaining the discussed budget and price point.

■ 12. Information

Does the baker present enough information to make the process convenient? At The Cake Guys we do our best to offer you tons of info. Our Frequently Asked Questions page is very helpful because hopefully we can answer questions and save you time! Our prices are listed on line so you can comparison shop. By publishing prices we hope this helps you build a reasonable budget for your cakes!

■ 13. Availability

Make sure the baker you desire is available on the date of your wedding. If you are have not done so, please check check our availability to see if we are able to fulfill your order. We have two different types of availability. Custom Cakes fill up quickly, but usually we can always accommodate any needs for our Sweet Inspiration packages.

■ 14. Did they give you their absolute attention?

■ 15. Did you enjoy the cake consultation experience? You only do this once, so enjoy it! Cake is a critical piece in the pursuit of happiness!

■ 16.  We want to thank you for taking the time to read through all this information.  Research is very beneficial.  You have found the best of the best in the DFW area.  We hope you agree!

          With THE CAKE GUYS there are 2 great options with wedding cakes!

Option #1:  Custom Wedding Cakes

Custom Wedding Cakes are wedding and groom’s cakes that you specifically have chosen to have made based on your personal taste and budget. A perfect example is a bride that wants her cake to resemble her dress or perhaps there has always been that cake that has stood out. Square cakes, fondant cakes, crooked cakes and cakes replicated from pictures are custom. Some custom cakes can be expensive, but just because they are custom does not mean they are outrageously priced. Some custom are simple and unique and are very affordable.

Keep in mind, at the reception, there are several things that stand out.  When your guests arrive the VERY FIRST THING THEY SEE; AND THE THING THAT LEAVES A LASTING IMPRESSION..... IS THE WEDDING CAKES!  EVERYBODY TALKS ABOUT THE CAKE, EVEN FOR WEEKS AFTER THE WEDDING!   There are tons of florals, beautiful linens and great food but there is only ONE BRIDE'S CAKE!  The Cake Guys can make you a cake that everyone will talk about for weeks and even years after your wedding!

To book a custom wedding consultation, the minimum for custom cakes is $850 total for cakes, delivery and any options.  So it is a very realistic category for your budget.

Please keep us in mind for any style….. Contemporary, Classic, Creative or Fun.   We have the best tasting cakes, and can generally work within a realistic budget!  

We can do it all for you!

Option #2:  Sweet Inspirations Wedding Cake Packages

The Sweet Inspirations Cake Packages were developed  by The Cake Guys to accommodate brides, grooms and their families that might be on a budget, or perhaps limited with time and don't want to "consult", or whom quite honestly, the cakes are not a big issue; however very necessary for the reception.  No matter what the situation, if you want to take a shortcut to great cakes and save TIME and MONEY....our PACKAGES are a one stop shop set up to help out the planning process.

How does it work?  We have designed 16 bridal cakes and 8 groom's cakes.  You choose one of each in guest packages of 50 guests, 75 guests, 100 guests, 125 guests.....etc.  

The cakes are beautiful and most importantly delicious!

You can come taste cakes by signing up for a Sample Saturdays session and check out the best cake design center in DFW.

Take a moment to read all the information on Sample Saturdays.... it is a great tool that will save you time and money....and it is all complimentary for couples in the planning process!

Now you can begin to find the best fit for your wedding..... will it be....


                                                           or we can help you even more at


Custom Wedding Cakes & Groom's CakesSweet Inspiration PackagesRequest a Wedding Cake ConsultationRequest Sample Saturday