The Cake Guys

2 Ways to reserve our AMAZING cake packages!

Option #1:

 1.  Please check Availbility to make sure your date is available.  AVAILABILITY

 2.  Sign up for a Sample Saturday to browse our beautiful cakes.  We have the best cake showroom in the DFW area!  

 3.  While at Sample Saturday taste, go over cake information and receive any necessary paperwork.

 4.  If the time is right, we can complete the contract during your session.  The deposit is only $100!  No pressure, it is completely up to you!

 5.  If you come to a Sample Saturday session and book your date while in the shop we offer you AMAZING SAVINGS!  Check out our coupons, select the package size you need and you can apply those coupons.  But please read them; they are very specific. So not only do you get
great tasting cake...It comes at the best prices in DFW!!

Option #2:

 1.  While online, choose the contract that is best for you, based on your guest count. (HERE)

 2. Print out the contract (Here) and fill it out (as much as possible!)

 3. Fill out the contract as much as possible. Write in notes, details or information on the contract that is helpful to us. Be sure to mark your cake selections.

 4. Send in your contract by mail, email, fax or drop it by the showroom on a Saturday. If you are mailing, in the contract be sure to include a check or credit card information.  Don't forget, no credit cards if you are getting the cash discount!  Your date cannot be saved until your deposit is received. Please be sure to save a copy of the contract for your records.

 5. You are welcome to pick up your complimentary samples on any Saturday in Dallas or Duncanville

Duncanville Showroom
703B Big Stone Gap Rd
Duncanville, Tx  75137

Saturdays 10:00-3:00pm
Dallas Showroom
4113 Rawlins St
Dallas, Tx  75219

Saturdays 10:00 - 3:00
The Sweet Inspirations Cake Packages were developed  by The Cake Guys to accommodate brides, grooms and their families that might be on a budget, or perhaps limited with time and don't want to "consult", or whom quite honestly, the cakes are not a big issue; however very necessary for the reception.  No matter what the situation, if you want to take a shortcut to great cakes and save TIME and MONEY....this is the place for you!  Below are the steps that explain "How it works!"


Custom Wedding Cakes & Groom's CakesSweet Inspiration PackagesRequest a Wedding Cake ConsultationRequest Sample Saturday

More Questions??  Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the link below!