The Cake Guys
Long Distance Deliveries  
We use a special mathematical formula to determine cost for deliveries out of the normal delivery area  (see map below).

Formula = 1st 40 miles = $75 + $4 PER MILE (ONE WAY) there after.

Example:  Delivery to Abilene (177 miles)   1st 40 miles = $75
Mile 41- 177 = 136 ---> 136 x $4 = $544  
Total Delivery $75 + 544 = $619

Example: Delivery to Houston (218 miles)    1st 40 miles = $75
Mile 41- 218 = 178 ---> 178 x $4 = $715  
Total Delivery $75 + 715 = $790

Please keep in mind that when we deliver out of town, if it takes 4 hours one way that = 8 hours both ways.  8 hours worth of driving = 4-5 home area deliveries.  That = up to 5 possible weddings that we are missing by doing this ONE delivery.  Thus, it can get very expensive.
Note: How many servings do I need?
Servings depend on several things. The most important factor is obviously the number of guests that will be attending. Perhaps the biggest factor is whether or not you will be serving wine, beer, liquor or signature cocktails.  Most cake If you are serving any alcoholic beverages, that will automatically decrease the amount of cake needed.
4. Do you deliver and set-up? Is there a charge? And what vehicle do you deliver cake in? 

Yes we deliver and that includes set up.  Delivery and set up is basically the same thing.  We arrive at the venue and make sure the cakes are placed  on the tables as requested.  We also deliver in a refrigerated delivery van. 

Note: Wedding Cake Deliveries are very important; it's not just another charge to add to your expenses. We do not hire other people to deliver our cakes we deliver them ourselves.

Cost of Delivery
​Sundays - $200
Sunday deliveries are flexible as well, however in most instances Sunday is our only time with our own families, thus "Sunday Time...Sunday Funday" is extremely valuable to us.  

5. Do you stay at the reception to cut the cake? 
Sorry, we do not.

6. What kind of icing do you use? 
We prefer to use our special recipe buttercream-cream cheese icing. It is absolutely the best icing in the business. Our icing is 100% made from scratch and only with the best ingredients including Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Real Butter and Crisco. We never use pre-made bucket icing.

7. How do we get together to plan? 
After filling out the consultation form, you will be contacted with dates and times for consultations. We mainly do consultations on SATURDAYS.our times can become very limited.  You can request a consultation here, but please read all the information first.

8. Do you still offer the Sweet Inspiration Wedding Cake Packages?  I am sorry we do not, however you can get the same styles and designs and we can incorporate any designs in your design specifications.  Be sure to read through the coupons for savings availability.

9. Why should I choose The Cake Guys as my cake designer? 
In our opinion, we are one of the best designers in DFW plus we LIMIT the number of cakes we do per weekend.  We do not try to sell you more cake then you will need and most importantly, our cakes taste amazing! By the way, our web site is designed to provide as much information as possible.....just for our brides! We hope it answers most of your questions and if not, please contact us with any questions!  (

10. What flavors of cake do you make? 
We are proud to NOT offer tons of flavors! We don't offer twenty plus cake flavors because our belief is why do 28 flavors and have them taste "okay".....we FOCUS on our signature flavors and icings. We don't do all the mousses and pudding-like fillings. We have found that instead of all this "fru-fru" STUFF,  we offer our guests DELICIOUS AMAZING cakes.  Remember the cake is for the guests....and each of your guests will definitely enjoy a cake by....... The Cake Guys!

     Below are the flavors that are available for our cakes:
  • Classic White
  • Classic White with Amaretto Cream filling
  • Classic White with Tres Leches
  • Classic White with Key Lime Cream Cheese
  • Classic White with Strawberry Cream
  • Classic White with Raspberry Fruit
  • Classic White with Buttercream Cream Cheese Icing
  • Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge Ganache
  • Chocolate with Chocolate Icing
  • German Chocolate
  • Red Velvet
  • Lemon Cream
  • Italian Cream
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Grandma's Yellow Butter Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Chocolate Fudge with Peanut Butter
  • Classic White with Pina Colada Filling

11. How can we avoid having so much cake left? 
If you book with us you will have up until 14 days before your wedding to finalize your numbers. This will help with excess cake being ordered. Plus we will be as conservative as possible while planning your cake.

12. How do you determine how much a cake serves?
We use the chart below to guide us when we are determining total servings.  Please use FAQ #4 as a guide as well for your specific situation. 
13. Is a contract involved?  
Of course.  At the custom wedding cake consultation, we will complete a contract.   After the consultation, when you choose The Cake Guys to do your cakes, you will be given a copy of the contract to take with you. 

14. Is a deposit required? 
Yes. Usually about 25% of the total cost reserves your date.  The amount of the deposit isn't important...getting on our calendar is what counts!  The only time your date is secured is once your deposit has been submitted.  The deposit amount is basically up to you.

15. Can a cake be two or more flavors? 
Of course! About 80% of our orders have more than one flavor, plus there is no extra charge for why not?

16. How do we determine how much of both cakes to order? 
Do guests usually get a slice of both? These days guests usually do NOT get a piece of each unless it is a dessert reception only. If you are serving dinner or heavy finger food, then we always suggest about 1.25 times the amount of guests you are having. Example: 100 x 1.25 = 125 servings. If you are having alcohol or beer that number is even lower. Of course....every situation is different so it just depends on many factors. We will discuss all of your options during the consultation. 

17. Does The Cake Guys do any catering or other food? 
No, not at this time.......
SURPRISE!!!!....You WIN!!  For taking the time to read all of our information you get a PRIZE!!  (Here)

18. How many designers work on the cakes? 
Edward and Chad create each and every cake from beginning to end.  We have limited availability so be sure to book your cake today!

19. I want fresh flowers. Is it okay to use fresh flowers on cakes? 
Of course and don't let anyone tell you anything different. We will also be glad to put them on your cake for you! Please have them at the reception site and we will snip and put them on the cake to your specifications.

20. What exactly is a "fake" cake? Have you ever used "fake" cakes for a tier in a cake? 
Actually we always suggest fakes. Every one of our cakes have at least one fake in them. Fakes can be used as a base or throughout the cake to increase the number of tiers without having to increase the cake servings. It is a very economical way to build a big more formal cake. 

21. What are the prices of fake cakes?
Notice in the chart, the fake price is listed and beside it is the cake price if it were real. Fake cakes are such a great deal for making cakes look much nicer. In fact, in terms of wedding budget, the use of fake cakes in combination with real cakes is extremely economical AND there is no comparison to a four or five tier cake compared to a 3 tiered cake. For example, the cost to make a 3 tier into a 4-tier is only about $50.......and the difference between three tiers and four tiers is very very dramatic! 
22. Is there a price minimum to place a cake order?
Yes!  We limit the number of wedding cakes we do weekly so that we can focus and remain extremely consistent. Our minimum is $750.00.

23. What do you SET cakes on? Do you have those cake plateaus?
How much are the cake plateaus? We place all cakes on silver boards and we strongly suggest renting our cake plateaus. The cost of plateaus is only $25 each. The plateaus are an incredible way to display your cake and really economical. There is a deposit for each stand of $100 that is in the form of a post-dated check.  We also have gorgeous crystal cake stands for rent ($100 rental fee, $250 deposit)

24. What are those bows (that are on the top of cakes and on the sides) made out of and how much do they cost? 
Bows on our cakes are made of gumpaste. Gumpaste is an edible sugar dough that is rolled out and molded in various shapes, such as bows and tails. The cost is generally around $75.

25. What do I bring to the consultation? How much does it cost? What happens during a consultation, and how many people can attend the consultation? 
The cake consultation is complimentary. We will put together a contract, answer all of your questions and of course you will taste our DELICIOUS cakes. It is imperative that each bride bring pictures and ideas, because the consultation process is only about 1-hour in length. As many as 4 other people can attend (5 including the bride) and please limit the consultation to only adults. If there are more people than 5 that is fine, however we only have room to seat about 5 comfortably.

26. Can I change my cake design once we send in the contract/deposit? 
Sure!  You have up until 14 days before your wedding to make any changes, including design,and amount of servings needed.

27. Why is it difficult to schedule a consultation? 
We fill our consultation slots very quickly. In most cases, we offer consultations on Saturdays.  We might be able on a different day, however evenings are generally the only time available during the week.  If you need a time other than Saturdays, it doesn't hurt to ask.  I do my absolute best responding as soon as possible.   IF YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOU WANT THE CAKE GUYS TO DO YOUR CAKES, CHAD CAN MEET YOU AFTER 6PM ON A MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY.  E-mail chad directly at if you have not had a consultation, and you know you want us to make your cake.  If Saturday is best for you please submit your request here .

28. Do you provide monograms or bride and groom cake toppers? 
Sorry we do not. But we do have vendor information on monogram cake toppers. is a great resource for monogram cake toppers!

29. Do you offer 3-D groom's cakes? 
Somewhat. These cake are very very time consuming and usually very expensive.  There are many options to making a great groom's cake thematic!  We offer limited 3-D sculpting simply because generally speaking, these cakes are all fondant and other mediums of "cake decorating" are used such as rice crispy treats and sculpting foam.  Please ask if you have something specific in mind.

30. Do you suggest saving the top tier (tradtional)?
Yes we do! We actually make your top tier fake (fake on inside, iced perfectly on the outside) and have your top tier pre-boxed for you with freezing directions on how to freeze, store and thaw! If you follow those directions your topper will be in great condition on your first anniversary! But if you don't want to wait a year, we suggest perhaps eating it on your first month anniversary......or perhaps when you return from your honeymoon during a romantic relaxing dinner.....

31. When do you deliver? 
We generally deliver 2 hours before your event. Most venues will only allow other vendors in 2 hours prior. However, we schedule delivery based on our delivery itinerary for that day.

32. How many weddings do you do a weekend?
Generally speaking we do 1-2 wedding cakes each weekend or 7 or so events a month. We do not offer our services every weekend.  It depends on our schedule and how large other events are, plus we both have jobs outside of cakes.

33. Do you use Rhinestones in your designs? 
YES! We were one of the very first in DFW to incorporate Swarovski Loose Rhinestones and Rhinestone Chain. For safety purposes…loose stones must be put on a fake tier, however the Rhinestone Chain can be put on any tier as a border or accent. We are an authorized Swarovski Dealer.

34. What is your delivery area?
Our general delivery area is on the map. We might be able to deliver outside this area for an additional fee if our schedule permits. Please see map. 
35. What do you suggest for OUTDOOR summer weddings?
We do not suggest putting cakes outside during the summer heat. We always suggest using a dummy cake and keeping the good cake inside till the last minute. In July 2009 we did a test with a real cake at a family event. We set a 3-tier cake out in a pavilion area at 7:30pm. Within 45 minutes the cake icing was starting to shift. Within 50 minutes the cakes icing was coming off the sides of the cake. Generally speaking if you choose to have a cake outside…there is a 30 minute window of safety. After that, we can not guarantee the cake will remain in the same condition as delivered.

36. Do you do cupcakes for weddings?  
No.  Sorry we do not.  

37. Do you do birthday cakes and other items?
NO, I am sorry we do not.  Our focus is 100% on our wedding and groom's cakes.

38. Do you do decorated cookies! 

39. Customers that take the time to read our website are SMART.   Every dollar counts...look --->  ( Click here to See your reward!)

40. REVOLVING CAKE STAND…We want our cake to turn. Do you have a stand that is revolving?
Yes! We rent those stands for $100 and a $400 deposit (credit card or check). 


1. Is there a minimum and if so why is there a minimum order requirement for wedding cakes?
Yes there is a minimum.  We hate to require a minimum however, since we only do 1 or 2 events a week, or maybe 7 events a month, it limits our availability in any given spot Our current minimum is only $750. That includes cakes, fakes, delivery, details, everything must total $750 or more which is very reasonable in the DFW market.  Note: When choosing your cake, the cake is the centerpiece of the reception. There are many ways to get a great cake and stay within budget. Be realistic and research not just for price but QUALITY. You will find that no one in DFW beats our price for the quality!

2. What is your actual price per serving with everything included?
Don't be fooled by "Price Per Serving" in the wedding cake industry.  During a consultation, we look at all design and flavor options to provide you with your perfect cake. Price per serving is dependent upon the design, level of detail, and additional elements included as discussed in the consultation. Currently, we are priced at $4.95 per serving. You can also find pricing here.

3. 3. About how many servings should we plan for? 
These charts will be very helpful.  Please keep in mind that this is merely a suggestion.  Use these to guide you.  We can always help with any questions.
41. We are picking up our cake and traveling all the way to (really far destination). Will they be safe?
Since you have decided to pick up your cakes instead of having them delivered, Yes, definitely. If you follow the guidelines that we offer in the contract you will be just fine! The cakes are chilled, PLUS, each cake has at least one fake cake and that stablizes the entire stack! It is very very easy! Just drive safe!  For pickups in which the cake will go outside of DFW…We also have RENTAL BOXES that keep the cake SAFE!

42. If I'm picking up my cake, what will the cakes come packaged in? 
Wedding cakes cannot be boxed. Each cake needs to sit on a non slick surface that we will provide…And it needs to sit in the back of a vehicle. Our cakes travel very nicely since they are chilled. Remember they come stacked and ready to go!

43. I want to have ribbon on my cake. Can I use my own colors?
Yes of course! In fact, we prefer you to supply your ribbon so that we get the ribbon color 100% correct!  We will go over all the information during your Sample Saturday session!

44. When is the balance due? 
14 days before the wedding. At that time all changes in contract are due and finalized. Remember you can change your contract up till about 14 days before......that way you can get your RSVP's back and make better number choices!

45. What kind of icing is used?  Do you use fondant?  
We use our delicious buttercream/cream cheese icing. Cakes in the packages do not include fondant.

46. I want a larger cake, can I add a fake tier to make it larger?
Of Course!  Faux cakes are a must!

47. Where are you located? 
Our office is in Duncanville, and our preparation facilities are off premises at a private location.  To cut costs and keep our prices down, we downsized and only offer an onsite office for consultations.

48. Which areas do you service?
Anywhere we can take a cake!!!  Dallas Area, Park Cities, Fort Worth, Granbury, Azle, Mineral Well,s Mid-Cities Area, Irving, Las Colinas Duncanville, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Waxahachie Grand Prairie, Arlington, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine Carrollton, Lewisville, Denton McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall, Rowlett and other surrounding cities!

49  How do I contact you? 
Please contact us through email if possible, but we are available on the phone at 972-296-2253 SATURDAYS only.  Email and TEXT is always the quickest ways to contact us  and Chad at 214-280-9066 or Edward 214-284-5104.

50.  I want one of your cakes, but I want the scrolling to be a different this possible? 
Yes! Just let us know the color and it can be changed.  We can modify any cake with any color!  Let us make it AMAZING for you!

51.  I want a special color ribbon on my do we do this?
Just please provide us with the ribbon and we will gladly use it. We keep basic colors...but it is safer for the bride to match her color and send it in. You can also request us to provide the ribbon. Please refer to the UPGRADE page of the contract...and that will walk you through the process...

52.  Do you have references? 
YES.  We are the #1 reviewed and rated Wedding Cake Company in AMERICA!!!  We have over 800 reviews and a 5 start rating!!!  You can see all of our recommendations here on Wedding Wire.     

53.  Thank you for taking the time to read all of this information.  Informed customers save us time and in the end save everyone money!  Your research has paid off!  Enjoy an extra 25 chocolate covered strawberries for free (Here)! 

54.  How does the "CASH OPTION" offer work and why do you offer it?  
Credit cards are are a great convenience for customers, however CASH has made America what it is today!  Use our COUPONS to make those $$$ go further!

55. Do you make any cakes other than wedding cakes? We do, but availability might be an issue.  It is always best to ask and see it we are available.  Email  We started with wedding cakes years ago and have returned to mainly doing wedding cakes.   Our minimum is $750 for weddings, however small event cakes might be a possibility.  It can't hurt to ask.

56. Do you make cupcakes for special orders?  I am sorry no we do not.


Monday - Thursday $150

Fridays - $175
We only do weddings on Fridays for extenuating circumstances or for a negotiable fee.  Friday's are extremely difficult and unreasonably time consuming. Unfortunately, Friday deliveries are most difficult and problematic because of traffic.

Saturdays - $100
Saturday deliveries are easier because traffic is generally minimal and weddings are scheduled from 9am-9pm which allows a much more flexible plan for deliveries. 

​Holidays or Special Occasions - $225
Please contact us if you have any questions or need something delivered during this time of year.